Residential Services

Residential Services are provided to those over 18 years of age in a wide variety of living arrangements. We offer an extensive array of residential services with various levels of supervision designed to assist people in living as independently as their abilities permit. Individuals are encouraged to exercise their own choices when deciding their residential settings, where they live and with whom they share a room or home. 
Residential settings include:

Group Homes which provide 24-hour care.

Personal Care Alternatives (PCA's) which provide services in apartment type settings or individual homes with fewer staff hours. 

Adult Foster Care Providers allow those receiving services to live with a family who then provide the services.

    Please click here to read the new 2011 Family Caregiver Act Guide.

    If you would like more information regarding our residential services or if you are interested in becoming an adult foster care provider, please email our Director of Community Based Services and Supports.