Service Coordinators

Vicki Folkerts-EI Coordinator for Logan, Morgan, Washington, Yuma, Phillips, Sedgwick, Lincoln, Kit Carson and Cheyenne Counties
970-526-3623, Ext. 303
e-mail Vicki

Yasmin Ramirez-Serves Spanish speaking families in Northern 6 Counties
970-526-3623, Ext. 301
e-mail Yasmin

Kathryn Good-Service Coordinator for Logan County

970 526-3623
e-mail Kathryn

Alison Simpson-Serves Morgan County County
970-867-3506, Ext. 23
e-mail Alison

Katrina Wall-Part C Coordinator and Service Coordinator for Elbert County
e-mail Katrina

Kandi Seymour-Service Coordinator for Lincoln, Cheyenne, Kit Carson Counties
e-mail Kandi

Open Postion-Service Coordinator for Yuma, Phillips, Sedgwick and Washington Counties
970 526-3623 x303
e-mail EI Director

Michelle Kaiser-Child Find Liason to RE-1 Valley School District and Child Outcomes Coordinator
970-526-3623 Ext, 302
e-mail Michelle


Audrey Brownell-Serves Logan County
970-526-3624 Ext 305
e-mail Audrey

Carla Pierce-Serves Logan County
970-526-3624, Ext. 306
e-mail Carla

Jennifer Schutz-Serves Logan County
970-526-3624, Ext. 308
e-mail Jennifer

Karen Engelker-Serves adults/children in Logan, Washington and Yuma Counties

970-526-3624 x 313
e-mail Karen

Betsy Marquardt-Serves adults in Sedgwick and Phillips Counties
e-mail Betsy

Kytsie Pyburn-Serves Morgan County
e-mail Kitsie

Lori Araujo-Serves Morgan and Lincoln Counties
1-877-867-3506(Toll Free)
e-mail Lori

Katherine Lundien ServesKit Carson County                             719-346-8385                                

email Katherine

Kandi Seymour-Serves Kit Carson and Cheyenne Counties
e-mail Kandi